This cooking paste (pickle) with the heady mixture of ghost chillies aka bhoot jolokia and..
Rs 229.00
Ex Tax: Rs 204.46
This stole is made of Muga silk blended with cotton. An elegant, lightweight summer stole; its ..
Rs 2,000.00
Ex Tax: Rs 2,000.00
Handmade using bamboo stripes woven into mats as the base material, this three-in-one set of trays w..
Rs 799.00
Ex Tax: Rs 799.00
These bamboo disks, with a delightfully contrasting cherry coloured chandan seed centre, are a quirk..
Rs 199.00
Ex Tax: Rs 199.00
This cool sling bag in typical Sikkimese tribal striped pattern adds loads of awesomeness to an..
Rs 449.00
Ex Tax: Rs 449.00
Carved out of bullhorn, this 10 inch piece will add oodles of to cool chic your home or desk décor! ..
Rs 730.00
Ex Tax: Rs 730.00
For those would love to use raw bamboo shoot in their cooking but do not have ready access to it, th..
Rs 150.00
Ex Tax: Rs 133.93
White Tea with Lemon Tulsi New
White tea combined with rejuvenating lemon and the spicy warm flavour of tulsi come together in this..
Rs 149.00
Ex Tax: Rs 141.90
Pork Chops New Sold Out
A delightful dry pickled treat, made from the delicious cut of pork called pork chops, where simple ..
Rs 199.00
Ex Tax: Rs 177.68
Bamboo Shoot & Naga King Chilli Pickle New
If you're someone who loves bamboo shoot and the heat of Naga king chilli, do not look beyond this&n..
Rs 160.00
Ex Tax: Rs 142.86
Bamboo Shoot Pickle SN New
Bamboo shoot  is such a common ingredient across the NorthEast, found in all kitchens, that jus..
Rs 160.00
Ex Tax: Rs 142.86
White Tea with Mint, Spearmint, Peppermint New
White tea with mint, spearmint & peppermint has a subtle aroma with a soothing flavor and a re..
Rs 179.00
Ex Tax: Rs 170.48
Axone Chutney New
Soyabean is truly a typical taste of the NorthEast. Soyabean or Axone is essentially boile..
Rs 179.00
Ex Tax: Rs 159.82
White Tea with Hibiscus New Sold Out
White tea combined with the dried staples of the lovely Hibiscus flower come together in this p..
Rs 179.00
Ex Tax: Rs 170.48
Adrak Chai (Ginger Tea) New
For those who love a strong milky cup of Assam tea, look no further than this ginger flavoured tea. ..
Rs 150.00
Ex Tax: Rs 142.86